Saturday, April 26, 2008

To my CVSers out there...

Here's some GREAT news...a new $3 of $15 coupon is out, and it's good until JUNE!!!!! Yippee Yea!! Thanks Money Saving Mom for getting the info out there for us!
Here's how to get yours:
::Register for a free 7-day trial of the washingtonpost e-replica. Once you register, you'll need to confirm your email address.

::After you've confirmed, click on the current issue and then hover over the date and go to 4/24/08.

::Scroll down to the very last page of the 4/24/08 issue (page 128) and THERE IT IS! Your very own $3/$15 coupon!

::Hover over the print button and click on "print custom area." Highlight the coupon area and print it. You can also email the page to yourself and you will get an email with a link directly to this page.
This Awesome Tip comes from LaVonne over at Economic Endeavors!! Check her blog out!
This was just posted by Money Saving Mom

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Tate Family said...

Used mine today with no problem. I keep wondering when I'll see you there. ;)