Saturday, April 26, 2008

Make $25 in 2 minutes...

Look out PayPal...Here comes Revolution Money Exchange!! We all knew it was just a matter of time before PayPal got a little friendly competition...ya gotta love America!! In order to get as many people as possible to set up accounts, Revolution Money Exchange is GIVING you $25 for just setting up an account...this is LEGIT. I have checked it out quite have many many others! The $25 can either be kept in your RME account, or you can choose to have it transferred to your checking account, or they'll send you a check. Also, if you refer someone else to sign up, you get an additional $10. You can't go wrong!!! So, if you have a spouse you can sign up, you could get $10 for referring him/her plus his/her $25 along with your original $25...that's $60 in 5 minutes!!! If you sign up, I would appreciate it if you click the green button at the top of my blog and let me refer you. Just wanted to share this awesome opportunity with you!!

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